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Taming the Moving Day Chaos – 2022

Taming the Moving Day Chaos

Moving Day has so many moving parts. It can be pretty stressful. However, you can outmaneuver the initial chaos to enjoy your new start — if you plan ahead.

Imagine finally arriving at the new place. Everyone is excited, irritable, and nervous – that is an explosive mix.

Lioness and Tamer in a Circus Arena

What is the first thing everyone does?

They rush.

Everyone rushes to:

  • Get a drink
  • Get out of the car
  • Use the bathroom

Most importantly, everyone wants to rush to get the job of moving done while everyone still has the energy.

Box #1 Set the Tone

Before anyone starts doing anything, set the tone and establish order before the moving day chaos erupts.

How do you do that?

Manage which box comes in first.

The first box to come into your new home should be your moving essentials box.

This box carries the answers to everyone’s first question:  “where is _____ (blank)?”

It is as if the act of walking through the door magically opens everyone’s box of questions, and the “where” question pops out first.

  • Where is the toilet paper?
  • Where is a cup?
  • Where are the scissors?

The “Where” question is quickly followed by “what do you want me to do?”

If left unanswered, everyone will try to answer it for themselves. That brings utter chaos.

Instead of giving in to the chaos, put your moving day essentials box on the counter and begin unpacking it.

The first things to unpack are the toilet paper, the moving task list, new light bulbs, and the tape. Handoff the toilet paper and post the task list on the fridge.

Box of Lighbulbs

While everyone is staring at the task list for their specific duties, continue to unpack your moving day essentials box.

What is a Moving Essentials Box?  

A Moving Day essentials box is the first box you bring into your new home. It has the first set of supplies you will need to get your home up and running.

Generally speaking, your moving essentials box will have most of the following:

  • Moving Day task list – Post on the fridge door
  • Toilet Paper
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Ligh bulbs
  • Pencil, Pen & Clipboard for your notes & move-in inspection paperwork
  • Coffee Station supplies (coffee pot, coffee, mugs & spoon & flavorings, etc.)
  • Paper plates & disposal silverware
  • Trash bags
  • Basic Tool kit (hammer, screwdrivers, picture hanging kit, tape measure, etc.)
  • Pet bowls
  • Any medications that taken on a schedule

When should you pack your moving essentials box?

Designate the box as your essentials box when you first start packing. Keep this box in a specific plane and keep your packing and unpacking essentials:

Everything else gets packed up.

Dont for get to pack something for your pets for moving day

Since this box is your go-to box during the packing phase of your move, expect the contents to be in constant motion.

The packing process is messy. Don’t be surprised if your essentials box is too.

When everything is out of the house, grab this box and catalog its contents. If you are missing any essential items like toilet paper, cups, or tape, stop by the grocery store and pick them up on your way to the new place.

Where Does the Moving Essentials Box Go?

Keep your essentials box handy.

Unless your other half is your co-pilot, we at Dino Junk Removal suggest that you put it in the front seat with you. This placement also prevents arguments over who gets to ride shotgun.

By being accessible, you can respond to your family’s needs faster with less stress.

No one can eliminate all of the stress of such a busy project as moving. But with a bit of planning, you can keep the chaos down to a dull roar.

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